Here at Red Daisy we are always looking for inspiration online.

We love to see amazing photographers and websites visuals that take things to a new level, or even just show things in an easy to digest manner.

That is why in this post we wanted to showcase a bunch of visuals that we or our clients have used in the last year or so. (yes we have been quiet online).

Online Visuals

If you want to get a whole lot of information across, sometimes a visual is the best way to go about it.

Infographics have become very popular and we recently stumbled across a few we thought we would bring to your attention.

This infographic we found on Simplicity Small Biz shows the art of social selling. Something we all need to get better at online.

As you know, this kind of information portrayal really helps people get the message. Far easier than if it was in words.

But there are also other great ways to do this such as the following example of a world map using visual. This was done actually using the Tableau Data Visualization software which is a great way for non-profits to get their message across. You can see the graphic here.

Our client has used it in this case to display the countries in the world where they are hosting this particular software. An imaginative way of using the data for sure.

Tableau Visualizations
But there are lots more ways you can convey something without using data or more complex visualisations.

image-visualizationI also love this post from NeoMam, a great agency in the UK that does content marketing and other things in this area. This blog post shows how music can be visualised and is a very impressive demonstration of what is possible with the right tools.

Some of the visuals are pretty cool, albeit a bit abstract for most I guess.

Photos Are The Best Visuals

Of course, we here at Red Daisy think photos are pretty cool as well.

That is why we want to show you some stand out photographers that we have stumbled across in the last months.

The first is a great resource if you need some absolutely free photography. Even though the taste of this whacky guy may not suit everyone!

The website is called, rightfully so, Gratisography and offers fee (gratis) images for use in any situation (business or personal).

Here is an example of Ryan’s work


If you like such amazing visuals or images and want lots to use in your upcoming projects, another great source to check out is Death To Stock Photography. These guys know what they are doing and take themes and shoot photos on that theme every few months or so. Then, if you sign up for it, they will send you the photos and you can do what you like with them. Great idea, right?

Here is an example of their most recent photo shoot:


Again, you can clearly see the quality of their work in the visuals that they create. Something not everyone in the industry can claim, that is for sure.


So, next time you are looking to take your content to the next level have a think about how you can create some stunning visuals.

It could mean making a graphic or chart that is suited to the job and to the expected audience. Or, like with the last few examples it could mean using photos as the basis of a visual for your website, brochure or social media posts. Up to you.

But one thing is for sure, the bar is raising ever higher online, and it is up to your and your business to keep up.

If you need some help with your visuals online, be sure to give us a yell.

Trying to get ahead of the competition is one of the things that we constantly have to do online.

And when you hare dealing with a ever-growing niche like photography, this need is very high.

More and more photographers are entering the market on a daily basis, with the ease of getting into digital photography today. So I am always looking for ways to stand out from the competition online.

Appearing Different In Search Results

The problem with getting ahead of the competition is tha most people have the same information and drive to do so. Therefore, it was with great excitement that I read about Rich Schema recently, which is really a way to appear differently in search results.

That is not to say that all of us can use this method, but it is something definitely worth exploring. So I decided to take a look

What Are Schema

Schema comes from a joint collaboration of some of the bigger names online, and gives us a way of labeling our data and appearing differently in search results.

The main place to get information on this subject is to take a look at the specification which is at

These schema allow us to, in detail, say what exactly it is we are showing online, and how it should be interpreted.

The beauty is that many search engines are using this data in various ways which can help us stand out from the rest on a page of very similar results on say Google.

Of course, not everyone looks the same on search results, because some people are not taking advantage of basic on-page SEO. Which means they don’t look great in results anyway with a title and description that will lure people to click.

On Page SEO shown in search results


Examples of Schema We Can Use

If you are reviewing any products online and making money via affiliate links, then review schema could be something that you want to check out.

It basically adds simple data to your review such as how many stars you gave the product and your name. It also includes the standard meta description and title as shown earlier.

Here is an example of a camera review search result in Google:

Review Schema camera


As you can clearly see from this example, this stands out just enough from a standard result to make a difference in the number of clicks you might see to your review, and therefore the amount of money that you can earn as a affiliate.

I don’t believe there are any definitive results, but this article on the click through increase shows that it definitely can make a huge difference.

So it is worth a try.

Product Schema

Another area for the average photographer of photography shop that is worth looking into is Product Schema

The search engines can also use this data very easily to highlight products, comparisons, photos and more. So you should be using these if you have a shop. It certainly cannot hurt.

Canon EOS products on Google


As you can see above, the detail and images shown by Google can certainly be beneficial if you manage to appear like this in the results.

People, Organisations and Places

There are also some other schema you can use to highlight parts of your business so that they might appear better in a search result. But I have only seen this used on the side of Google when we are talking about really large companies. However, everything is worth a try when you are differentiating online.


Even for a photographer or photo shop you need to be looking into each and every way that you can use your website to your advantage and stand out online.

So give schema a go now!