video and photographyThere is a bit of a blurry line between photography and videography today. Partly because cameras do both. But also because visuals are the key to both of these areas.

They share many things in common, from the tools, to the techniques, but also their surge in popularity.

Popularity of Video And Images

As the internet has changed and people are getting more and more online, video and video production have become very popular.

It is very easy now to use a DLSR camera to create your own videos which you can use privately or increasingly in business.

Many companies are putting a lot of money into video and photography and improving their websites.

It has become well known that images and videos will help keep visitors on your website longer and increase your search rankings as a result.

So who can blame people really for investing both the time and money into improving and using video and images.

Using Photography and Video

Although video is all about motion. Sometimes stills are a great way to add emphasis to a video.

In fact in some cases, there are videos made up entirely of still photography. It is accompanies by either music or narration and has a huge impact on the audience.

In this way video and photography truly come together.

But sometimes there is also a blur between the too. Take for example Instagram. They host and display a huge amount of photos and imagery. But then they also display small videos as well.

This is also overlapping with websites like Vine which is now hugely popular!

Common Techniques in Video And Photography

So we can see there are a lot of common areas of video and photography, but it does not end there.

If you are getting into photography or even using the tips and tricks on this website, you will notice that a lot of these ideas adapt very well to video.

Both video and photography use cameras, lenses, lighting, tripods, filters and much more.

The only difference is that video is a series of frames (photos) which manage to capture motion.

So when you are learning one or the other, remember that it is in many ways, at least technically the same thing.

Software for Both

Both of these art forms also have a lot of software for post-processing that really helps to bring the final product to another level.

Take for example photography. Here we have a range of tools, with the most common being Photoshop, where we can post-process images and create things that were barely there in the original.

With video, there is almost another level to it. You can use simple tools like Apple’s iMovie, or even more robust tools like Adobe Premiere to create masterpieces that are almost worthy of an oscar.


So as you can see, there is almost a merger between photography and video, that is a result of shared technology and techniques that are becoming increasingly popular due to the growth of the internet.

Whether you are a video lover or a photographer at heart, in many ways you are always both!