Here at Red Daisy we are always looking for inspiration online.

We love to see amazing photographers and websites visuals that take things to a new level, or even just show things in an easy to digest manner.

That is why in this post we wanted to showcase a bunch of visuals that we or our clients have used in the last year or so. (yes we have been quiet online).

Online Visuals

If you want to get a whole lot of information across, sometimes a visual is the best way to go about it.

Infographics have become very popular and we recently stumbled across a few we thought we would bring to your attention.

This infographic we found on Simplicity Small Biz shows the art of social selling. Something we all need to get better at online.

As you know, this kind of information portrayal really helps people get the message. Far easier than if it was in words.

But there are also other great ways to do this such as the following example of a world map using visual. This was done actually using the Tableau Data Visualization software which is a great way for non-profits to get their message across. You can see the graphic here.

Our client has used it in this case to display the countries in the world where they are hosting this particular software. An imaginative way of using the data for sure.

Tableau Visualizations
But there are lots more ways you can convey something without using data or more complex visualisations.

image-visualizationI also love this post from NeoMam, a great agency in the UK that does content marketing and other things in this area. This blog post shows how music can be visualised and is a very impressive demonstration of what is possible with the right tools.

Some of the visuals are pretty cool, albeit a bit abstract for most I guess.

Photos Are The Best Visuals

Of course, we here at Red Daisy think photos are pretty cool as well.

That is why we want to show you some stand out photographers that we have stumbled across in the last months.

The first is a great resource if you need some absolutely free photography. Even though the taste of this whacky guy may not suit everyone!

The website is called, rightfully so, Gratisography and offers fee (gratis) images for use in any situation (business or personal).

Here is an example of Ryan’s work


If you like such amazing visuals or images and want lots to use in your upcoming projects, another great source to check out is Death To Stock Photography. These guys know what they are doing and take themes and shoot photos on that theme every few months or so. Then, if you sign up for it, they will send you the photos and you can do what you like with them. Great idea, right?

Here is an example of their most recent photo shoot:


Again, you can clearly see the quality of their work in the visuals that they create. Something not everyone in the industry can claim, that is for sure.


So, next time you are looking to take your content to the next level have a think about how you can create some stunning visuals.

It could mean making a graphic or chart that is suited to the job and to the expected audience. Or, like with the last few examples it could mean using photos as the basis of a visual for your website, brochure or social media posts. Up to you.

But one thing is for sure, the bar is raising ever higher online, and it is up to your and your business to keep up.

If you need some help with your visuals online, be sure to give us a yell.

mavsocial social media photography imagesAs a photographer you probably have hundreds of thousands of photos in your archive, I know I do.

And one of the best ways to share these images with the world, with your fans and with your potential customers is via social media.

But managing your images and your social media together is not as simple as it should be.

Sure there are a lot of powerful tools out there, but not all of them have the features to handle images and social media together.

That is why I was so excited to discover a new tool recently called MavSocial, that does both social media and image management.

What are the Features of MavSocial

These days on social media images are becoming extremely important. But not only that, as a photographer, sharing those images and managing them is critical.

So many of the features of MavSocial are very helpful to me in keeping up with both of those tasks.

Managing Images

MavSocial provides a single sharable repository for your media. So an individual like me, or a business, can share one place to manage and organise all their media online for social.

They are able to handle all of the following types of media:

  • photographs and images (jpg, png, gif)
  • audio files (mp3, mov, wav)
  • videos (mov, mp4, m4v)

So if I were to use other forms of media in the future, like video, which is very easy to do with my Canon 5D, then I could also manage those here as well.

This also makes it easy to re-use images on social media and in blog posts in the future. Rather than hunting for those images I have decided are worth using.

It is kind of like a best of, of my images.

Photo Editing Within the Tool

Although this is not as important to me, as an avid Photoshop user, it is very useful to be able to do last minute changes to images within MavSocial.

So for instance, if I wanted to add some text, to lure people to a specific blog post because of the content, then I can do this on the copy within the tool.

That way, I can change it at any time in, and for the different social media sites. Obviously this is easier than altering my original image, even if it has been worked on.

Stock Photography

Obviously not all of MavSocial’s customers are photographers like us, so they have also provided a couple of huge databases of stock photography too.

So a person or company could use the images they have, and also access ones they might need for a project or social media post.

This is a great addition to the tool, because most people will not have such access, and even if they do, it will be separate. So this eliminates yet another step in the social media process.

Socia Media Channels

Keeping up with all of the social media channels is hard work, so having the access to all of them from one place like MavSocial can really help me leverage my time.

That is another way in which this tool is really saving me time and therefore money at the moment.

They cover most of the important platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr

Obviously Instagram and Pinterest are missing, which is a shame because they are big photo related sites. But from the reading I have done, I understand that they have not made it possible for tools like this. Time will tell I guess. Hopefully it becomes possible in the near future, as it would make this tool a real gem!

Campaigns and Analysis

Last but really not least, is the ability to manage your social media as campaigns and to see what kinds of results you are getting too.

This is really the icing on the cake because if you don’t know what is working with your audience, then you are firing in the dark.

Final Thoughts

Although not all the features are there yet, and there are some bugs, for a new tool that focuses on the areas I care about (photos, images, video etc) Mav Social has really impressed me.

So if you are looking for an alternative for your social media management and image use, give it a try.