About Us

About Red Daisy

Red Daisy Photo is a photographic studio that will bring out your best.

We specialize in portrait and family photos, but are also available for any of the following kinds of photography:

  • wedding photos
  • family photos
  • kids photos
  • product advertising
  • real estate

and much much more.

We have the latest equipment and use the best techniques to make your photos shine.

So if you are looking to put some spark into your website, your life or just to hang on the wall, then we are the ones to help

The Daisy Herself

Hi my name isSarah Harper, and I am the owner of Red Daisy Photography. Of course you will probably know by now that my number one passion in life is photos.

Why else would you be doing this! It certainly does not pay top dollar. But I love to help people bring out the best in them or their photos, whatever the cost.

Before I was obsessed with photos, I studied interior design and colour in Sydney. In fact, I used to work with a colour consulting company over there in Sydney called AD Colour Design, which is run by the lovely Annie who does a fantastic job of fixing up house interiors and exteriors by consulting on colour. So certainly get in touch with her if that is your game.

But after working in that field for a while, I realised that although I love design, and colour, my true calling was photography.

Chasing the likes of  Ansel Adams, I started out primarily in black and white, but of course in this day and age one has to use colour, right?

So enjoy my amazing website and photos and if you need some help, certainly feel free to get in touch.

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